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As a leading lash extensions supplier, REFINELASH supplies an unparalleled selection:

Classic Eyelash Extensions


Classic Eyelash Extensions


Flat Eyelash Extensions


Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions


Camellia Eyelash Extensions

Pre-made fan extensions


Camellia Pre-made Fans


Narrow Pre-made Fans


Special Spike Camellia Pre-made Fans


Super Narrow Pre-made Fans


YY lashes and more


Long Stem Premade Fans


Flat Pre-made Fans


Short Stem Premade Fans

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Customization and Private label excellence at REFINELASH

REFINELASH focuses on bespoke solutions that make your brand stand out, emphasizing quality and design in a vibrant market.

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Why choose REFINELASH as your lash extensions supplier

➞ Reliable supply

REFINELASH ensures quality and availability, making us a trusted wholesale eyelash extension supplier.

Utilizing Premium Materials
Our eyelash factory

➞ Wholesale options

As a distinguished lash extension wholesaler, we offer competitive pricing and bulk discounts.

Our wholesale policies

➞ Global shipping

REFINELASH globally provides our product range, ensuring access for customers everywhere.

global shipping
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➞ Quality assurance

Our supplies, meeting top standards, guarantee satisfaction for professionals and consumers alike.

Utilizing Premium Materials


REFINELASH uses high-grade PBT fibers for lash extensions that are lightweight and feature a deep, consistent black color, ensuring uniformity in length, thickness, and curl across every lash and batch.

Maintaining Durability and Retention

Maintaining Durability and Retention

Our lashes offer 4-6 weeks of retention, with a durability that maintains curls for up to 2 years, backed by a solid 2-year curl warranty and a 1-month warranty against visual defects.

Utilizing Premium Materials


By adhering to precise specifications for every bulk order, REFINELASH guarantees perfect symmetry and uniformity in our products, consistently meeting and often exceeding the high expectations of our discerning clients.

Innovating Packaging for Efficiency


Our specially designed lash trays with foil back labels and sticky thermal tape not only enhance the application process but also reflect our dedication to quality and innovation in every product detail.

Our quality control

➞ Commitment to excellence

REFINELASH is your partner in excellence, providing the expertise, innovation, and tailored solutions needed to elevate your brand in the competitive lash industry.

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Advantages of choosing REFINELASH for wholesale lash extensions


High-Quality Assurance
Our four-level quality control ensures each lash meets the highest standards, directly addressing the demand for superior product quality (e.g., retention, consistency) vital for professional spa and salon services.

Maintaining Durability and Retention

Rapid Production & Large Capacity
With a turnaround of 3-5 days for samples and 10 days for bulk, plus a capacity of 1 million units monthly, we support brands in scaling efficiently, ensuring they meet market demand without delay.

Advanced Technology & Precision

Advanced Technology & Precision
With a Using the latest technology, such as thickness meters, industrial dryers, and UV sterilizers, we ensure high-quality, consistent lash products, overcoming common issues like curl and thickness discrepancies.

Competitive Factory-Direct Pricing

Competitive Factory-Direct Pricing
Our pricing strategy enables brands to remain competitive, facilitating greater investment in marketing and business expansion, crucial for standing out in the crowded beauty market.


Certified Sustainability & Quality
With ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SGS, and MSDS certifications, REFINELASH demonstrates its commitment to both quality and environmental stewardship, aligning with the growing consumer demand for sustainable beauty products.


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