Our guide provides a comparison of classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes to help you select the right technique, crafting the appealing lash set for each client.

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that enhances the eyes, but with various techniques available, choosing the right one can be confusing. This guide breaks down classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes, empowering lash techs to make the perfect recommendation for each client.


A Quick Introduction To Classic Vs Hybrid Vs Volume Lashes

Understanding the techniques and suitability of classic, hybrid, and volume lashes is vital for lash technicians to offer personalized services to their clients. Each lash type requires specific application methods and caters to different client preferences and natural lash conditions.

The Techniques Of Classic Eyelash Extensions Vs Volume Lashes Vs Hybrid Lashes

In the first section, we’ll guide you through the eyelash extension application techniques of volume, classic and hybrid lash extensions.

Let’s uncover the different techniques of classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes
  • Classic Technique: Classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes – classic eyelash extensions comes with the easiest application technique, which involves attaching one extension to one natural lash, resulting in a subtle enhancement. Technicians begin by isolating each natural lash and then meticulously attaching extensions using a one-to-one ratio. This technique emphasizes length and definition while maintaining a natural appearance, making it ideal for clients seeking a timeless, everyday look.
  • Volume Technique: The main difference between classic and volume techniques is the number of extensions per one natural lash. Volume eyelash extensions use multiple lightweight extensions applied to each natural lash, resulting in maximum fullness and density. Technicians create volume fans by hand or use pre-made options to achieve desired thickness and intensity. This technique is ideal for clients seeking a glamorous, statement-making look with dramatic volume and impact.
  • Hybrid Technique: Hybrid set application combines volume vs classic techniques, offering a blend of natural and dramatic effects. Technicians use a combination of individual false lashes and lightweight volume fans to create texture and dimension. This technique allows for versatility in achieving customized lash looks, making it suitable for clients who desire both length and fullness without appearing too bold.

Overall, classic extensions apply one lash per natural lash. Hybrid achieved by mixing classic lashes and volume lash extension adds some length and volume while maintaining the natural allure. Volume lashes require the most skill, using ultra-fine lashes to create lightweight fans that are meticulously attached to each natural lash.

Uncovering The Suitability Of Classic Vs Hybrid Vs Volume Lashes To Different Clients

As a lash artist, you also need to understand how classic, hybrid, and volume lashes compare in terms of overall effects and suitability for clients based on many aspects, including overall effect, eye shape, natural eyelash conditions, and aftercare requirements.

Let’s discover how classic, hybrid, and volume lashes suit different clients
  • Eye Shapes: Classic eyelash extensions offer a subtle definition that flatters almost any eye shape. Hybrid eyelash extensions are also versatile as they are combinations of classic lashes and volume lashes and can be adaptable to many eye shapes. Volume sets are ideal for clients with rounder eye shapes, providing significant volume and definition. On the contrary, they overwhelm certain eye shapes like close-set or hooded eyes with their excessive long extensions that can make eyes appear closer together.
  • Natural Lash Conditions: Classic eyelash extensions are ideal for most clients, especially those with sparse lashes and want to have soft and natural enhancement. Hybrid lashes accommodate varying natural lash conditions, offering flexibility with a combination of classic and volume extensions. Volume lashes, especially mega volume lash sets, only suit clients with strong natural lashes which are able to handle the dense fan weight.
  • Aftercare Maintenance: Classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes – classic lashes require the least aftercare maintenance as wearers only need to avoid oil-based products and excessive rubbing lash line. Classic vs hybrid, hybrid lashes may require slightly more maintenance, including regular brushing and careful cleansing. Volume lashes require a higher level of maintenance, including daily brushing and gentle cleansing with lash-safe products to prevent clumping and ensure longevity.

In short, classic lash extensions are ideal for clients who want traditional and natural lash looks, while volume lashes would be best for clients looking for a bold drama. Meanwhile, if your clients prefer glamorous-yet-natural enhancement, try hybrid lash extensions.

The Best Eyelash Extensions For Classic Vs Hybrid Vs Volume Lashes

Understanding the best lash extensions for classic, hybrid, and volume applications plays a crucial role in achieving the desired look and ensuring client satisfaction. Let’s explore the ideal length, curl type, thickness and volume fan considerations for each lash type to help you perform your eyelash extension services effectively.

The Ideal Lash Extension Length For Classic Vs Hybrid Vs Volume Lashes

What’s the difference between the ideal lash length for classic or hybrid or volume lashes? Let’s discover the ideal lash length for each lash type, ensuring your choice caters to different preferences and eye shapes and contributes to stunning eyelash extensions. Understanding the nuances of different types of volume lashes can further enhance your selection process.

Discover the ideal lash length for different lash extension types
  • Classic sets: Regarding the lash length of classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes, classic extensions focus on natural enhancement, so you should choose lengths that match or slightly exceed natural lash length (1-2mm) for a subtle definition. The ideal length typically ranges from 8mm to 12mm.
  • Hybrid sets: Hybrid lashes can range from matching natural lashes to slightly longer extensions (1-3mm) to add a touch of volume without overwhelming the natural look. The recommended lash length is between 8mm and 14mm. For a hybrid set, consider using shorter lengths towards the inner corners for a seamless blend.
  • Volume sets: For full volume eyelash extensions, medium and long lashes with length typically ranging about 8mm – 18mm are the best options. Consider using lashes 3-5mm longer than natural eyelashes with a gradual increase in length from inner corners to outer corners for an eye-opening effect.

Above is a breakdown of the popular lash length choice for different lashes. You should evaluate your client’s natural eyelash conditions to figure out the most suitable choice.

The Perfect Curl Type Of Lash Extension For Classic Vs Hybrid Vs Volume Lashes

Now, let’s move on to the recommended curl type for classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes by REFINELASH factory:

  • Classic lashes: Classic lashes generally use a natural J or B curl that subtly lifts and opens the eyes without appearing too dramatic, especially when paired with shorter lengths. Clients with slightly downturned lashes might benefit from a softer C curl for a more noticeable lift.
  • Volume lashes: Due to the added volume, C or D curls are commonly used for volume lashes to create a dramatic lift and open up the eyes. However, for clients with very hooded eyes or prominent brow bones, a softer B or C curl might be a better choice for more natural extension styles.
  • Hybrid lashes: On the side of curl type for classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes, a J or B curl is a good starting point for hybrids, offering a natural lift that complements the subtle volume. Depending on the desired effect, a soft C curl can be used for a more dramatic lift, especially for clients with slightly hooded eyes.

Overall, J or B curls are ideal for full classic sets for natural lift, while C or D curls are suitable for volume lashes for dramatic lift and open-eye effects. Amix of J, B, or C curls is perfect for hybrid lash extensions as it offers a drama vibe blended with a fluttery effect.

The Suitable Thickness And Volume For Classic Vs Hybrid Vs Volume Lashes

Eyelash extensions come in various thicknesses and fan styles to achieve different effects. Here’s a breakdown of the ideal thickness and volume for classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes.

What are the best curl types for classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions?
  • Classic Lashes: Classic lashes aim for natural enhancement. Thus, use thinner lashes (0.10mm – 0.15mm) that mimic the natural lash thickness for a seamless blend. Avoid excessively thick lashes that can overwhelm natural lashes. Regarding the volume of classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes, classic lashes focus on achieving length and definition using one extension per natural lash rather than volume fans.
  • Hybrid Lashes: Hybrid lashes deploy a combination of thin (0.10mm – 0.15mm) lashes for a natural base and slightly thicker (0.15mm – 0.20mm) lashes for a touch of volume. Premade fans with 2-3 lashes are recommended for a hybrid set for a subtle volume boost, while maintaining a natural aesthetic.
  • Volume Lashes: Volume lashes require ultra-fine extensions applied to 1 natural lash. These extensions are usually about 0.03 – 0.07mm in diameter to create lightweight fans. Popular options include Russian volume lashes with 2D – 4D lashes for bold, glamorous enhancement and mega volume lash sets with 5D+ lashes for texture and more volume lash looks.

By understanding the popular thickness and volume and considering client’s preferences, you can craft beautiful lash sets that best suit their desire and complement their unique allure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Classic Eyelash Vs Hybrid Lash Vs Volume Lash

Let’s solve some common questions about classic, volume, and hybrid lash sets

Frequently Asked Questions About Classic Eyelash Vs Hybrid Lash Vs Volume Lash
  • Premade and handmade fans – which are better for hybrid and volume lashes?

Both premade and handmade fans have their advantages for hybrid and volume lashes. Premade fans offer consistency and save time during application, making them suitable for technicians who want to streamline their process. On the other hand, customizing volume lashes with handmade fans provides more flexibility and precision. Technicians can tailor the fan’s size, density, and direction to suit each client’s unique eye shape and desired look. Ultimately, the choice depends on the technician’s preference, skill level, and client’s needs.

  • What adhesive is best for volume lashes?

For volume lashes, a faster-curing adhesive is ideal. Regular lash glue might set too slowly, making fan application difficult. A good faster-curing adhesive like “Black Diamond Volume” will help set quicker, allowing you to position the fans precisely before the adhesive hardens.

  • How long does it take to apply classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes?

The time required to apply hybrid, classic and volume lashes varies based on factors such as the client’s natural lash condition, desired look, and the technician’s expertise. Generally, a classic lash set takes 1.5 to 2 hours, a hybrid lash set requires 2 to 2.5 hours, and a volume lash set may take 2.5 to 3 hours for a full set application.

Hopefully, throughout our comparison of classic vs hybrid vs volume lashes, you can now navigate through the world of these lash types. Thus, you can confidently guide clients towards the perfect lash extension technique to achieve their desired look and enhance their natural beauty.

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