How to do mega volume lashes that clients favor? Follow our articles for detailed tutorials on preparing supplies and creating mega volume lashes.

Unlike classic lashes (1:1 extension to natural lash), mega volume uses significantly more extensions per fan, typically 5-10. This creates a denser, more voluminous enhancement that numerous clients favor. However, mastering how to do mega volume lashes is challenging, especially for beginner lash techs. Thus, we are here to cover the essential supplies needed for mega volume lashes, step-by-step instructions on creating mega volume lashes, and solutions to frequently asked questions to ensure a successful application process.


Supplies Lash Artists Need To Prepare For Creating Mega Volume Lash Extension

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, lash artists must gather the necessary lash supplies before embarking on a mega volume lash extension application. Below are essential supplies for achieving attention-grabbing lash look and ensuring client satisfaction.

First, let’s start with the suitable lash extensions for mega volume sets.

  • Length: For mega volume lash sets, opt for longer extensions, typically ranging from 10mm to 15mm, to enhance the dramatic effect. Longer lashes contribute to the overall fullness and fluttering appearance desired with mega volume sets.
  • Thickness: Choose lash extensions with a diameter of 0.03 mm to 0.07 mm for mega volume sets. These ultra-fine extensions allow for the creation of dense and fluffy lash fans without adding excessive weight to the natural lashes.
  • Curl: Opt for lash extensions with a C or D curl for mega volume sets, as these curls provide maximum lift and openness to the eyes. The pronounced curl helps create the illusion of larger, more expressive eyes, complementing the voluminous look.
  • Color: Stick to classic black lash extensions for how to do mega volume lashes to maintain a bold and dramatic appearance. Black lashes enhance contrast against the natural lashes and eyeliner, accentuating the fullness and depth of the mega volume look.

When choosing lash extensions for mega volume lash sets, prioritize lash length, thickness, curl, and color to achieve the desired dramatic effect. By selecting extensions that meet these criteria, you can create breathtaking mega volume sets that leave a lasting impression.

Essential Tools To Get Mega Volume Lash Sets Perfectly

To execute flawless mega volume lash sets, having the right tools is essential. Here are key tools required to master the art of mega volume lash application, ensuring precision, efficiency, and stunning results.

What are the essential tools to create beautiful mega volume lashes?
  • Isolation Tweezers: Isolation tweezers are crucial for separating individual natural lashes during application, ensuring lash extensions adhere to a single lash without sticking to others. Their fine tips and curved design offer optimal control and visibility.
  • Volume Tweezers: Volume tweezers are tailored for creating and handling lash fans. With lightweight construction and fine tips, they enable technicians to grip multiple extensions with precision, allowing for customizing volume lashes and creating unique looks for each client.
  • Lash Adhesive: Lash glue forms a secure and durable bond between extensions and natural lashes. High-quality volume lash adhesives with fast drying times, strong bonding strength, and low fume emission are preferred for client comfort and long-lasting results.
  • Eye Patches: Eye patches safeguard the lower eyelids and under-eye area during application, shielding delicate skin from adhesive and products. Hypoallergenic, latex-free patches in various shapes and sizes ensure client safety and comfort.
  • Curing Lamp (Optional): Consider using a curing lamp in how to do mega volume lashes, as it helps expedite the adhesive drying process, especially in humid or low-temperature environments. A curing lamp helps ensure the secure attachment of lash extensions and minimizes the risk of premature shedding, enhancing the longevity and retention of the mega volume lash sets.

With these tools at your disposal, you can execute mega volume lash applications with precision, efficiency, and utmost client satisfaction.

Detailed Steps On How To Do Mega Volume Lashes With Ease

Achieving flawless mega volume lash sets requires meticulous preparation, precise fan creation, and careful application techniques. By following these detailed instructions, lash artists can streamline the process and ensure stunning results that enhance their clients’ natural beauty.

The First Step For How To Do Mega Volume Lashes Is Preparation

Proper preparation sets the foundation for a seamless process and helps achieve optimal results. In this section, REFINELASH will outline the essential steps to prepare for mega volume lash application effectively.

Preparation for a mega volume lash set application
  • Cleanse the Lashes: Before starting the application stage of how to do mega volume lashes, ensuring the client’s natural lashes are clean and free of any makeup or oil residue is necessary. Use a gentle lash cleanser to remove debris and oil buildup, which can interfere with lash adhesion.
  • Prime the Lashes (Optional): Consider using a lash primer to enhance the adhesion of lash extensions. Apply the primer to the natural lashes, focusing on the lash line, to create an optimal base for attachment and improve retention.
  • Protect the Lower Lashes: Use eye pads or gel pads to cover and protect the lower lashes during the application process. This prevents accidental bonding of the lower lashes and ensures the client’s comfort throughout the procedure.
  • Place the Lash Map: Use a lash mapping technique to plan the placement of the mega volume lash extensions. Consider factors such as the client’s eye shape, desired lash style, and natural lash condition to create a customized and flattering look. Volume mapping lashes ensures precise placement and symmetry, enhancing the overall appearance of the lash set.

By following these detailed instructions during the preparation stage of mega volume lash application, you can create a solid foundation for achieving flawless results.

The Second Step For How To Do Mega Volume Lashes Is To Make Mega Volume Lash Fan

Creating beautiful mega volume fans is the key to a successful how to do mega volume lashes process and an eye-catching mega volume lash set. Thus, we provide a detailed lash tutorial for three popular fan creation techniques – pinching, blooming, and pulling – to achieve flawless mega volume lashes.

  • Pinching Technique: Begin by delicately pinching the base of the lashes held by the volume tweezers with minimal pressure. This slight pinch creates a subtle flare at the base, forming the foundation of the fan. The pinching technique allows for precise control over the shape and density of the lash fan.
  • Blooming Method: While holding the lashes with volume tweezers, gently flick your wrist or tap the base against a surface to encourage the lashes to spread out naturally. This gentle motion prompts the lashes to bloom into a fan shape, mimicking the natural growth pattern of lashes. The blooming method results in fans that appear soft, feathery, and seamless.
  • Pulling Technique: With the lashes held by the volume tweezers, gently pull them away from the strip in a swift, controlled motion. This pulling action creates a more open fan, with the lashes fanning outwards for added volume and fullness. The pulling technique is ideal for creating fans with increased volume and openness.

You can follow one of three mentioned fanning techniques to craft beautifully mega lash fans – the foundation for stunning mega volume lashes.

The Third Step For How To Do Mega Volume Lashes Is To Apply Eyelash Extensions

Once all mega fans are crafted, let’s move to the application stage of mega volume lash sets with applying mega volume lash tutorial as follows.

Applying mega volume lash extensions
  • Isolate Natural Lashes: Use isolation tweezers to isolate a single natural lash, ensuring it is separated from neighboring lashes to prevent bonding. Proper isolation is essential for ensuring each lash fan is applied to an individual lash.
  • Apply Adhesive to Fan Base: Dip the base of the lash fan into lash adhesive, ensuring the adhesive coats the entire base evenly. Be mindful not to overload the fan with adhesive, as excess adhesive can lead to clumping and poor lash retention.
  • Secure Lash Fan in Place: Gently place the adhesive-coated base of the lash fan onto the isolated natural lash, positioning it close to the lash line. Use gentle pressure to secure the fan in place, ensuring it adheres securely without weighing down the natural lash.
  • Maintain Consistency: As you progress along the lash line, maintain consistency in the placement and spacing of the lash fans. Aim for symmetrical and balanced lash sets, ensuring each eye receives the same level of volume and fullness. Incorporating proper volume lash maintenance routines helps sustain the desired look over time.
  • Adjust as Needed: Continuously assess the placement of the lash fans and make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired volume lashes styles. Pay attention to the client’s natural eye shape and preferences, making modifications during how to do mega volume lashes is necessary for appealing and symmetry mega volume eyelash extensions.

The mega lash fans application stage is a pivotal step in creating stunning dramatic mega volume lash sets. By following these detailed instructions, lash technicians can ensure seamless application of each fan, resulting in voluminous and dramatic enhancement to the client’s appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Do Mega Volume Lashes

Solving common questions about how to do mega volume lashes
  • How long does it take to apply mega volume extensions?

The duration for applying a mega volume lash set typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours. This timeframe accounts for meticulous preparation, fan creation, precise application, and final adjustments to ensure each lash is perfectly placed for a voluminous and dramatic result.

  • How to calculate the safe diameter and weight for a mega volume set?

To calculate the safe diameter and weight for a mega volume lash set, consider the natural lash’s health and thickness. Opt for extensions with a diameter no more than 1/3 the thickness of the natural lash to maintain lash health. Ensure the total weight of all extensions applied to a single natural lash does not exceed the natural lash’s carrying capacity, typically around 0.20 grams. Prioritizing volume lash health safeguards the integrity of the natural lashes and promotes long-term retention.

  • How to do mega volume lashes if a client experiences discomfort during application?

If a client experiences discomfort during application, immediately pause the procedure and assess the situation. Check for any signs of allergic reactions or sensitivity to products. Offer the client a break to rest their eyes and alleviate discomfort. If necessary, gently remove any extensions causing discomfort and provide appropriate aftercare advice. Prioritize client comfort and safety throughout the process.


With the right supplies, meticulous preparation, and proper technique, achieving stunning mega volume lashes is within reach. By following these detailed tutorials on how to do mega volume lashes and addressing common questions, lash artists can master the art of mega volume lash extensions and deliver exceptional results to their clients.

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