At REFINELASH, we’re dedicated to providing beauty professionals with unparalleled eyelash extension solutions tailored to meet the needs of their discerning clientele. Our rigorous Quality Control process ensures that every lash meets the highest standards, guaranteeing superior quality and performance

Our Tailored Quality Control Process

Material Excellence

We meticulously inspect each raw material, from synthetic fibers to mink, to ensure they meet our stringent quality criteria before production begins.

Precision Crafting

Our skilled artisans utilize advanced techniques to craft each lash with precision, ensuring impeccable quality from start to finish.

Durability Assurance

Lashes undergo rigorous durability testing to ensure they withstand daily wear, maintaining their quality and appearance over time.


Aesthetic Precision

We visually inspect every lash to ensure it meets our aesthetic standards, including curl, length, and thickness, for a flawless finish.


Comfort Optimization

Comfort is paramount. Our lashes undergo thorough testing to ensure they provide a comfortable and natural feel during wear.

Consistency Maintenance

Through random sampling throughout production, we maintain consistency across batches, upholding our commitment to excellence.


Shop with Confidence

Experience the REFINELASH difference and shop confidently knowing that each product is backed by our unwavering commitment to quality. Elevate your eyelash extension business with lashes that speak volumes.

Ex: Classic Eyelash Extensions / Camellia Eyelash Extensions / Flat Eyelash Extensions / Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions / Pre-made Fans (Regular, Narrow, Super Narrow Fan Width) / Long, Short Stem Pre-made Fans / Flat Pre-made Fans / Wispy Pre-made Fans / Camellia Pre-made Fans / Special Spike Camellia Pre-made Fans / YY Lashes...