From a brief understanding to application guide, discover the world of the hottest lash style – wet look volume lashes known for their bold, textured look.

Wet look volume lashes are a trendy style of eyelash extensions that offer a bold, textured appearance resembling freshly coated lashes. In this guide, we’ll unveil all the myths behind these extensions, from their characteristics to detailed guidelines on applying them. We’ll also solve some frequently asked questions to help you achieve stunning wet volume lash extensions.


A Quick Introduction To Wet Look Volume Lashes

In the first section, we’ll explore what wet look lashes are, discover the target clients of these lashes and discuss the specific types of lash extensions best suited for creating stunning wet look volume sets, ensuring your clients achieve the bold and textured lash look they desire.

What Are Wet Look Volume Lashes

Wet-look lash extensions have surged to the forefront of beauty trends, offering a unique twist on traditional eyelash extensions. These lashes boast a glossy, textured effect that enhances the eyes, making them a sought-after choice for those seeking bold and dramatic eye makeup.

Discover what wet volume lash extensions are
  • Definition: Wet look volume lashes are a type of eyelash extension characterized by their ultra-fine lashes applied in closed fans, resulting in a glossy finish reminiscent of freshly applied mascara. This innovative technique creates a striking, spiky look that adds depth and lash volume to the natural lashes. There are different types of volume lashes, each offering unique styles and effects to suit various preferences.
  • Application Technique: The closed fan volume technique involves carefully placing ultra-fine volume fans onto the natural lashes, resulting in a wispy, spiky, and textured effect. This meticulous process ensures that each lash is evenly coated with adhesive, guaranteeing a long-lasting hold.
  • Trendy Lash Styles: Wet look volume lashes have quickly become one of the hottest volume lash trends in the lash industry due to their ability to provide a bolder look with glossy finish. These lashes come as an alternative to traditional mascara, appealing to those looking to make a statement with their eye makeup.

In short, wet sets offer a glamorous solution for clients seeking dramatic, long-lasting lashes without the hassle of daily mascara application.

Who Are The Target Clients Of Wet Look Volume Lashes

Understanding who wet look volume lashes are for is essential for both beauty professionals and clients seeking to enhance their eyelashes. In this guide, we’ll explore the desired style, eye shape, and natural lash health considerations that make individuals ideal candidates for mascara look volume lash extensions.

  • Desired Style: Wet look volume lashes are perfect for individuals who desire a bold, dramatic volume lash style that exudes confidence and glamor. These clients appreciate the textured, spiky wet lash effect, which adds depth and dimension to their overall look.
  • Eye Shape: Wet look volume lashes are suitable for various eye shapes, including almond, and round. However, for clients with hooded eyes, a lighter application or a focus on the outer corner lashes might be more flattering.
  • Natural Lash Conditions: Clients with strong and healthy natural lashes are ideal candidates for wet look volume lashes. Besides, clients with sparse lash lines would benefit from the mascara effect of these natural look sets.

Wet volume full sets are ideal for individuals seeking a bold and glamorous lash style. Clients with strong natural lash health will benefit the most from this eyelash extension technique, as it enhances their lashes’ texture and appearance while maintaining overall volume lash health.

What Lash Extensions Should You Use To Create Mascara Look Volume Extension Sets

When creating wet look volume lashes, selecting the right lash materials is crucial to achieving the desired spiky, textured effect. From lash thickness to curl and length, each component plays a vital role in crafting stunning wet look volume sets.

What are the suitable lash extensions for wet-looking volume sets?
  • Lash Thickness: Opt for ultra-fine lashes when creating wet look volume sets. Ultra-fine individual lashes allow for a spiky, textured effect without weighing down the natural lashes. This lightweight nature ensures comfort for the wearer while still achieving a bold look.
  • Lash Curl: L+ or M curls are the most popular choices for wet-looking volume lashes. These curls offer a dramatic lift that complements the spiky texture of wet lashes. L+ curls are slightly more dramatic than M curls, so the choice depends on the desired intensity.
  • Lash Length: Utilize variations within a set of wet look volume lashes to create a natural, textured look. Incorporating a range of lash lengths within a single set allows for a more customized application. Typically, shorter lashes are applied on the first layer, with lengths increasing slightly for subsequent layers to enhance volume and dimension.
  • Lash Fans: Employ closed fan techniques when applying wet look volume lashes. Unlike other volume lashes that utilize open fans, closed fans create a spikier, denser look that contributes to the wet effect. This technique ensures each lash is meticulously placed to achieve the desired dramatic effect.

Selecting the appropriate lash materials is essential for creating captivating wet look volume lashes. By opting for ultra-fine lashes, suitable curl types, varying lengths, and employing closed fan techniques, you can achieve stunning results that enhance the natural beauty of your clients’ lashes.

How To Create Wet Look Volume Lashes

Creating wet look volume lashes requires precision and technique to achieve the desired bold and textured effect. In this guide, we’ll walk through the step-by-step process of creating stunning wet look volume lashes, from preparing materials to application techniques.

Preparing For The Application Of Wet Look Volume Lashes

Preparing for the application of wet look volume lashes requires attention to detail and careful planning to ensure optimal results. In this guide, we’ll walk through the essential steps to prepare for the application process, from gathering the necessary materials to prepping the client’s natural lashes.

How to prepare for applying a mascara look volume set
  1. Gather Materials: Before beginning the application process, gather all the necessary materials, including ultra-fine volume lashes, lash adhesive, tweezers, lash cleanser, and under-eye pads.
  2. Conduct a client Consultation: Start by discussing with clients about their desired wet look volume lashes, any allergies or sensitivities they may have, and their lifestyle to determine the most suitable lash extensions. This step is crucial for understanding the client’s expectations and ensuring they are satisfied with the final results.
  3. Prepare Natural Lashes: Thoroughly cleanse client’s natural lashes with a gentle lash cleanser to remove any makeup, oil, or debris. You can also use lash primer to remove natural oils from the client’s lashes, which can improve the adhesion of the wet look volume lashes, potentially increasing retention time. However, be mindful of using too much primer on dry lashes, as it can actually prevent the glue from adhering properly.

By following these essential steps to prepare for the application of wet look volume lashes, you can set a clean surface for optimal adhesion and help prolong the longevity of the lash extensions.

Applying Volume Eyelash Extensions To Create Wet Look Lashes

Applying lash extensions for wet look volume lashes requires careful planning and precise execution to achieve the desired dramatic and textured effect. This guide of REFINE LASH extensions supplier outlines a three-layer approach using specific materials and techniques to create stunning wet look volume lashes.

How to apply a mascara look volume set?
  1. Prepare Lash Materials: Before beginning the lash applying process, ensure all materials are organized and readily accessible. This includes eyelid lash tape, various lengths of lash extensions, lash glue, lash Superbonder, a microfiber eyelash brush, lash tweezers (volume and isolation), and a mascara wand.
  2. Craft The Layer 1 With Shortest Lashes: Begin by securing the bottom lashes with eyelid tape on the upper eyelid to create a clean working area. Apply closed lash fans using shorter lash extensions to achieve a spiky and textured look. After application, ensure the lash glue bonds are completely dry by applying Superbonder, preventing any stickiness and ensuring longevity.
  3. Build The Layer 2 Using Lashes With Medium-Lengths: Apply fresh eyelid tape to secure the bottom layer lashes, freeing the middle layer lashes with lash tweezers. Apply lash spikes slightly longer than those in layer 1 for a more dramatic appearance, or use the same length for a subtle look. After application, add Superbonder to the glue zone and integrate this layer with the taped-down lashes. Utilize open lash fans interchangeably to fill gaps for clients with sparse lashes.
  4. Finish With Layer 3 With Longest Lashes: Apply lash extensions slightly longer than those in layer 2 to add depth and volume to the lashes. Once applied, use Superbonder for the final time to ensure secure attachment and longevity. Remove the eyelid tape securing the bottom two layers carefully to avoid disturbing the lashes. Finish by gently brushing the wet look volume lashes with a mascara wand to ensure they are properly placed and styled.

By following these detailed instructions and utilizing specific volume lash materials and techniques, you can create stunning wet-looking effects over full lash lines to enhance your client’s natural beauty. Remember to consider the desired look and customize the lash map accordingly, and utilize the provided tips for optimal results. Additionally, understanding how to apply volume lashes will further ensure a flawless and tailored finish for each client.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wet Lash Extensions

Frequently asked questions about wet volume lash extensions
  • What are the key differences in applying wet look volume lashes compared to classic lash extensions?

Applying wet look volume lashes differs from classic lashes primarily in technique and desired outcome. A wet set uses closed lash fans to create a spiky, textured effect resembling wet lashes. In contrast, classic eyelash extensions typically involve applying single lash to each natural lash in a uniform manner across the full lash line for a natural, fuller look.

  • What type of lash adhesive is recommended for wet look volume lashes?

For wet look volume lashes, it’s recommended to use a strong and fast-drying volume lash adhesive that offers excellent bond retention. Adhesives specifically formulated for volume lashes or those labeled as “quick-drying” are ideal choices, ensuring secure attachment of ultra-fine lashes and minimizing the risk of stickiness or clumping during application.

  • How long does it take to apply a wet look volume lash set?

The duration to apply a wet look volume lash set varies depending on the expertise of the lash technician and the complexity of the desired look. On average, it may take approximately 2 to 4 hours for a skilled lash tech to meticulously apply and perfect a wet look volume lash set.


With the guidelines provided in this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve stunning wet look volume lashes. Remember to follow the application process carefully and refer to the FAQs for any additional information. Enjoy your journey to glamorous and textured lashes!

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