Are you looking for trustworthy wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta? Let our thorough shortlist of top suppliers help you discover the best one for your needs.

The journey to find the right reliable lash supplier in Atlanta is challenging. To support you on that journey, we will provide a curated list of top 10 wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta and tips on choosing the right partner for your lash business.


Insights On The Atlanta Eyelash Extension Market

The first step on the journey to select a suitable supplier is understanding your target market. Thus, let’s dive deep with us as we dissect some of the defining features of the lash market in Atlanta.

Researching the Atlanta market is necessary to find the most suitable products for your clients’ needs
  • Demand on fire: Market research firms like Grand View Research and Zion Market Research project the global eyelash extension market to reach $3.7 billion by 2028, with North America expected to be a major driver. Atlanta, a beauty hub within the US, is likely to see its share of this growth.
  • Sustainable products on the rise: Sustainability reigns supreme, with eco-conscious consumers and artists driving the demand for cruelty-free lashes and vegan adhesives. Deploying eco-friendly products from wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta will help you enhance your brand image and drive eco-conscious customers.
  • Evolving lash styles: First, the interest of mega volume sets with dense, cascading lashes are all the rage as more clients enjoy runway-ready looks and fierce everyday glam. Besides, clients are now favoring eyelash extensions with pops of neon, pastel, and even ombre hues, adding a playful touch to their overall looks.

Understanding the main characteristics of the lash market in Atlanta is crucial to define the most suitable products for your target customer demands.

Guidelines On Choosing The Best Wholesale Lash Vendors In Atlanta

Now, let’s discover the steps to figure out the potential eyelash suppliers in Atlanta, who you can source products and build long-term partnerships.

Understand The Different Types Of Wholesale Lash Vendors In Atlanta

Navigating the landscape of lash wholesale vendors in Atlanta requires an understanding of the diverse types available. Explore the various categories to identify the one that aligns best with your beauty business needs.

  • Manufacturers: Direct collaboration with manufacturers enables you to purchase bulk orders at the best wholesale lash prices. You also can create your unique line of lashes using their product customization services.
  • Specialized niche suppliers: Opt for niche wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta that specialize in specific lash types, styles, or materials. This allows for a more tailored selection that aligns with your business’s unique offerings.
  • Local artisanal producers: Choose local artisans who prioritize craftsmanship. This supports local businesses and provides access to unique, handcrafted lash products that stand out in the market.
  • Online marketplaces: Online marketplaces, such as Amazon, bring multiple vendors in one place. This makes comparing products, prices, and reviews more convenient.

In short, understanding these categories will assist you in making an informed decision of selecting a suitable supplier.

Find Potential Wholesale Lash Vendors In Atlanta

Finding reliable lash wholesale vendors in the USA is crucial for beauty professionals looking to source quality products for their businesses. Explore these effective strategies to discover vendors that meet your specific needs and standards.

Discover different types of eyelash suppliers
  • Online research and reviews: Conduct online research, explore vendor websites, and pay attention to customer reviews. Platforms like social media and beauty forums offer valuable insights into the reliability of potential vendors.
  • Industry networks and trade shows: Attend beauty industry events and trade shows where suppliers showcase their products. Networking with industry professionals provides first hand insights into wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta and their offerings.
  • Professional associations and forums: Joining industry-specific associations and forums enables you to connect with experienced lash artists who can recommend reliable vendors based on their experiences and expertise.
  • Vendor directories: Explore industry-specific vendor directories that list reliable lash wholesale vendors. These directories often provide detailed information, making it easier to assess vendor capabilities.
  • Local beauty supply stores: Visit local wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta stores and inquire about recommended lash wholesale vendors. Store owners and staff often have insights into reputable vendors with quality products.

In short, by combining these strategies, beauty professionals can identify vendors that align with their business needs and standards, fostering successful and enduring partnerships.

Assess Wholesale Lash Vendors In Atlanta And Define The Best Supplier

Selecting the right wholesale lash vendor requires a thorough evaluation to ensure a fruitful partnership for your beauty business. Here are essential tips to guide you in evaluating potential vendors effectively.

  • Reputation and reviews: Begin by researching the vendor’s reputation through online reviews and testimonials. A positive reputation is indicative of reliability, consistency, and quality products.
  • Quality control measures: Examine the vendor’s quality control processes, including material sourcing and production methods. Consistent quality ensures client satisfaction and establishes your business as a trusted source for quality lash extensions.
  • Pricing transparency: Look for wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta with transparent pricing structures. Clear and upfront pricing details help you make informed decisions and avoid hidden costs that could impact your bottom line.
  • Shipping and delivery: Examine the vendor’s shipping options, including local delivery and expedited choices. Fast shipping ensures that you can meet the demands of your clients promptly.
  • Customer support: Assess the vendor’s customer service, including responsiveness, communication channels, and willingness to address concerns. Effective customer service ensures a smooth partnership and resolves issues promptly.
  • Return policy: Understand the vendor’s return policy for defective or unsatisfactory products. A transparent and fair return policy provides assurance and protection in case issues arise.

By prioritizing these factors, you can establish strong and reliable partnerships that contribute to your businesses success.

Top Reputable 10 Wholesale Lash Vendors In Atlanta

In this section, we will unveil the top ten wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta, known for their quality products and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of beauty professionals.

Discover the top 5 trustworthy wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta


REFINELASH stands as one of the best wholesale eyelash vendors in manufacturing lash extensions and tailored solutions upon request. Here are remarkable characteristics that make REFINELASH a sought-after option for bulk orders.

  • REFINELASH is known for their quality eyelash extensions and various eyelash accessories, REFINELASH has earned a solid reputation for excellence and consistency.
  • Apart from the standard lash solutions, they provide lash customizations, enabling you to create your desired products with ease.
  • Moreover, they stand out among the wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta owing to their private labeling services. These enable you to customize packaging based on your business demands, enhancing your brand recognition.

Contact information

Overall, REFINELASH is a perfect partner for customized wholesale lash orders as they provide not only stunning lash products and customization services but also robust support to their clients.


GLAM LASH BY AVI is well-known for providing distinctive lash solutions, such as neon lashes or easy volume fanning lashes.

  • This company offers fantastic customization options, enabling lash artists to turn your dream lash solutions into reality with the least effort.
  • They also provide multiple lash tools, accessories, and aftercare products. Those enable you to source everything you need for your lash services from one place.
  • If you sign up for their membership, you can get a 15% discount on your bulk orders. However, your orders need to meet the minimum quality of 10 trays, and you will need to put a down payment of $1,000 for the discount.

Contact information

In short, GLAM LASH BY AVI would be an ideal option for businesses looking for distinctive lash solutions and preferring customization services.

Lash Primp

For those looking for speed delivery, Lash Primp is a fantastic choice to consider. This company is well-known for pre-made color lashes, and multiple training courses for lash artists.

  • Lash Primp is one of the wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta that offer fastest delivery services. They understand the value of convenience, offering flexible pick-up options and even local delivery in Atlanta. You can choose same-day local delivery if you place your order before 4 pm.
  • Along with lash extensions, they offer a diverse product range, including adhesives, tools, and storage solutions, making them a one-stop shop for quick restocking needs.
Lash Primp

Contact information

Overall, if you are looking for pre-made color lashes and speedy delivery, Lash Primp might be the best option among wholesale lash suppliers in Atlanta.

Southern Lash Supply

Southern Lash Supply stands out among wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta for its commitment to delivering high quality lashes, including mink lashes, and supreme silk options.

  • Aside from lash extensions, they also offer other supplies, such as glue, tweezers and accessories, and lash lift solutions.
  • Moreover, they offer free shipping services for all orders valued over $250 and multiple discounts for bulk orders.
Southern Lash Supply

Contact information

In short, Southern Lash Supply is a good choice for buying high quality lash extensions in bulk owing to its discount and free shipping policy for over $250 orders.

iLevel Lab

iLevel Lab is a company that focuses on using eco-friendly materials or ethical sourcing practices. These suitable products will help drive environment-conscious clients.

  • Their lash extension collections are diverse and alluring. Some of their distinctive lash solutions are colored lashes, pro-made fans, and spike lashes.
  • They also offer other lash supplies, such as tweezers, removers, and primers. This allows you to buy everything you need for your lash services in one store.
  • Moreover, they provide premium assistance to their clients and speedy shipping services to domestic and international clients.
iLevel Lab

Contact information

Overall, iLevel Lab appears to be the reliable choice for sourcing vegan lashes in bulk.

JBoss Lashes

The next name on the list is JBoss Lashes, one of the most reliable wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta owing to their extensive lash collections.

  • JBoss Lashes offers an extensive inventory catering to all lash needs, from classic extensions to lash adhesives and accessories.
  • As JBoss Lashes is located in Atlanta, its shipping service is speed. Its speedy delivery options enable you to never run out of lash essentials.
JBoss Lashes

Contact information

  • Website:

In short, if you are looking for a reliable partner that can supply bulk orders within a few days, then JBoss Lashes is a good option to go for.

Lash Affair

Lash Affair is a reliable wholesale supplier, known for their diverse offerings and distinct approach.

  • From classic and volume lashes to colored, textured, and pre-made fans, they cater to every lash demand.
  • They keep their finger on the pulse of the latest lash trends, introducing innovative styles and techniques regularly.
  • They also offer multiple training sessions that help lash artists to enhance their lash skills and update the latest lash trends.
  • Lash Affair

Contact information

  • Website:

In short, the dedication to quality and innovation makes Lash Affair a worth-considering choice when sourcing eyelash extensions in bulk.

BL Lashes

BL Lashes is a trustworthy Korean lash supplier with a solid reputation for its exceptional goods and sustainable practices.

  • BL Lashes provides over 20,000 lash supplies, such as eyelash extensions, adhesives, and care products.
  • Besides, this company is famous for its advanced technology and eco-friendly practices in manufacturing goods. These help enhance product quality and minimize the manufacturing waste.
  • Another plus point setting this company apart from other wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta is its global presence. It is currently supplying its goods to over 3,500 stores worldwide.
BL Lashes

Contact information

Due to the diverse lash supplies, BL Lashes is an ideal wholesaler for those who prefer buying multiple lash products from only one vendor.

Focus Lashes

Focus Lashes is a global supplier with over 11 years of experience in manufacturing lash goods.

Focus Lashes
  • Focus Lashes is famous for its wide range of lash solutions varied in styles, curls, thicknesses, lengths, volumes, and materials.
  • It also is famous for its PETA-certified and vegan lashes, making it a great choice for environment-conscious businesses.
  • Moreover, it offers robust customer support and private labeling services, allowing you to elevate your brand name.

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Overall, Focus Lashes is ideal for environment-conscious businesses looking to source wholesale sustainable lashes at affordable wholesale prices.

Meidear Eyelash

For those looking for luxury lash extensions, prioritize Meidear eyelash as they specialize in luxury false eyelashes and lash extensions made from premium materials, such as silk, feather, and human hair.

  • Along with standard products, Meidear eyelash introduces new and trendy lash solutions regularly. This means sourcing their products will help your business keep up with evolving lash trends.
  • They also allow you to make your own custom lash boxes through their product customizations and package customizations services.
  • A great lash wholesale benefit that makes Meidear eyelash stand out among wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta is their competitive pricing and multiple discounts on bulk orders. These help businesses to reduce input costs without compromising premium quality.
Meidear eyelash

Contact information

If you are searching for wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta that offer premium lash extensions at affordable prices, then Meidear eyelash is an ideal choice for your needs.


In conclusion, to find the right wholesale lash vendors in Atlanta, you first need to understand different eyelash types and the Atlanta market. Later, follow our guidelines on choosing the trusted vendors and consider our curated supplier lists for your final decision.

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